I'm Travis The Voice

Stand-up Comedian,



Performing Artist,




I'm Travis The Voice

Stand-up Comedian,




Perorming Artist,



The Multi-Faceted Talent that will bring your event, brand and project to life!

Travis The Voice Benton, the Emcee Extraordinaire, is ready for Corporate Functions, Weddings, and beyond. The entertainer really begins to shine on stage as he leads the fun both on and off the stage. 

Basic information

Born in Oklahoma, resides in Miami, lives in the moment between asleep and awake...

Location: Miami, FL

Age: Old Enough to Know Better

Email: Travisthevoice@gmail.com

Come Catch Me Live:

  • January 23 Mr. Wright's GoldDigger Saloon (Wynnwood, FL)
  • January 29 Barter Wynnwood (Wynnwood, FL)
  • January 30 Mr. Wright's GoldDigger Saloon (Wynnwood, FL)
  • Februay 5  Barter Wynnwood (Wynnwood, FL)
  • February 6 Mr. Wright's GoldDigger Saloon (Wynnwood, FL)
  • February 12 Barter Wynnwood (Wynnwood, FL)
  • February 13 Mr. Wright's GoldDigger Saloon (Wynnwood, FL)
  • February 19  Barter Wynnwood (Wynnwood, FL)
  • February 20 Mr. Wright's GoldDigger Saloon (Wynnwood, FL)
  • February 26  Barter Wynnwood (Wynnwood, FL)
  • February 27 Mr. Wright's GoldDigger Saloon (Wynnwood, FL)
  • February 29 Carmela Coffee Company (Parkland,FL)

Characters For hire

Travis is not an impressionist, rather this artist he has created multiple unique individual characters. Travis being a method actor and will stay in character during the entire event. These are some of the more popular characters available:

JoBob McGinny

Embracing his Oklahoma roots, JoBob McGuinny takes his view of the world on stage as any respectable standup comedian would, hilariously.

The Ring Master

Reminiscent of the Three Ring Circus, his booming voice will add that energy into the audience enthralling them deeper into the show.

Travis The Voice

TravisTheVoice, his over abundant manly sensuality and hands on cabaret lifestyle, will engage every audience member throughout the entirety of the show. 

Miss Elaine Neous

The tantalizing starlet is as entertaining as she is beautiful. A guaranteed heartbreaker and show stopper!

Simón The Fabulous

Reminiscent of a time when smoking jackets were still worn at the Playboy mansion, Simón sensually guides audiences into the fantasy of cabaret.

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El Tucan Cabaret Host


Voice for Automated Phone System

Faena Hotel Miami Beach, FL

Stand Up Comedian MiamiComedy.com

South Florida

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