JoBob McGinney

"The Woke Redneck"

Stand up Comedian lookin for a Little "Redneck respect"

Howdy, y'all...

I love tellin jokes and drinkin beer. I currently live and perform in South Florida, but I would love to start a tour.... sooner than later.

 I have been dubbed "The Woke Redneck" after tellin' jokes at a couple of rooms in Miami. The audience seemed to think my Redneck view point is "woke". 

I am originally from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I grew up livin the cowboy life syle. Growing crops and herdin cattle, huntin, and fishin with my daddy. And, learnin how to be a decent human from the values of my momma. About 5 years ago or so, I moved to Miami, Florida. I love livin in the 305. It's an awesome place to live. 

I started to notice a lack of Redneck Respect. People would call me a hillbilly, TO MY FACE. They say stuff like "You just can't understand". And, they're right; I don't understand a lot of the issues of today. I also think if y'all would give me a fair shake and not treat me like a hillbilly, then y'all might learn a thing or two about livin' life. I think if the world would get a little more Redneck we could solve a lot of problems.

I appreciate each and everyone of y'all, and I hope to one day tell jokes in your town. For now, here's my website. Don't be a stranger, ya hear me? 

Some Redneck Respect Explanations...

Some fun from the Internet:

With over 60K followers and 418K video likes, These are some of the more popular videos on TikTok. 

"Jeet Yet? Come on then..."

Is JoBob's showcasing of local eateries and experiences.

(it's pronounced "Did you eat yet?)

Life can be tricky sometimes, in this series, learn how to survive in this crazy world with Redneck Repairs. 

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